Project Description

RHF Stone increases website user engagement by allowing visitors to visually interact with their stone products using the GreyTeak Visualiser software.

RHF Stone Australia is a high quality stone manufacturer and importer from Melbourne. Their products are sold as a premium stone product for bench tops, floors and walls.

Oliver from RHF Stone reached out to GreyTeak with their plans of creating a visualiser software to showcase the entire collection of their stone products to their customers in a simulated (yet convincing) manner.


The idea and the concept was simple! RHF Stone required a cloud based visualiser platform to showcase their stone products to their customers. The higher management wanted to motivate potential customers to try out the stone products right on their website, thus converting most of the site visitors to paid customers.

GreyTeak Solution:

GreyTeak developed a comprehensive visualiser software solution for RHF Stone by utilising state-of-the-art technologies. The outcome was a cloud hosted, easily manageable product which is also scalable as the business grows.

RHF Stone has already seen an exponential increase in sales, conversions and visitor retention after launching the visualiser software on their website in December 2017.

Client Feedback:

Oliver from RHF Stone Melbourne:

GreyTeak team created, designed and build the visualiser for our website. Rich and the team had shown their professionalism and provided exceptional customer service. Value of the program was very compatible price and many clients had given great feedbacks on how useful the visualiser was. GreyTeak did a great job on brightening our website, thank you very much Rich and the team at GreyTeak.
Oliver Chow
RHF Stone

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Client: RHF Stone
Industry: Stone/Tile manufacturer
From: Australia
Duration: 6 weeks
GreyTeak did a great job on brightening our website, thank you very much Rich and the team at GreyTeak.
Oliver Chow
RHF Stone,


  • Develop a visualiser software
  • Allow visitors to dynamically change bench top stone products
  • Make the product interactive and fun to use
  • Cloud solution so can be easily scaled with site traffic
  • Ability to easily update/add stone products


  • Beautiful and Interactive Stone Visualiser
  • Reliability of .NET stack
  • Fully ‘cloud’ based solution
  • Microsoft Azure cloud based SAAS solution
  • Load-balanced across two Azure data centres


  • Increased site traffic & visitor retention
  • Increased sales calls
  • Display of the entire product catalogue
  • Increased sales by word-of-mouth
  • Beautiful and proud addition to the website