Haven The Agency

Haven The Agency, is a team of experienced real estate specialists credited with revolutionising the residential real estate market in Australia. With the inception of their new real-estate model they are committed to transforming the industry whilst generating better revenue for buyers, sellers and real-estate agents alike.

The Challenge

Being a pioneering real estate agency, Haven The Agency required a holistic digital platform which could automate all of their business requirements namely sales finance and property management and handling marketing tasks all within one platform. This single platform needed to include integrated tools which could help their agents design marketing material for their clients, and seamlessly manage their ordering processes. In addition to that, they required a multi-platform and responsive website to display their property portfolio and scale their luxurious brand

Selection of GreyTeak

After having searched Australia wide for a reliable and experienced software development company, ‘Haven The Agency’ chose GreyTeak to work on their momentous project due to our experience and industry track record in delivering similar calibre projects previously.

The GreyTeak Solution

We carefully considered their requirements and proposed a 3-tier enterprise solution to deliver the most competitive and comprehensive solutions for their requirements. Our developers expanded the functionality by choosing Microsoft Azure Cloud over other cloud providers due to their dependability, security and enterprise grade service level agreements it offered. The final result was the delivery of an innovative and unique digital platform comprising of three individually integrated web portals: a front end website for ‘Haven The Agency’, a backend management suite and an HTA marketing e-Commerce portal.

The Impact

GreyTeak’s cleverly integrated solution enabled Haven The Agency to transform their core operations and future proof their business practices. This coupled with being on Microsoft Azure cloud platform enables them to scale their business worldwide very easily knowing that their superior technology will help them achieve higher goals with minimum effort. Most Importantly, with GreyTeak’s solution and proactive support, ‘Haven The Agency’ is able to reap benefits that will only escalate over time.

Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft .Net platform

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

  • Microsoft Sql Server

  • Azure Data Lake for analysis solutions

  • Merchant Warrior payment integration

  • Cross integration between HTA and multiple 3 rd party organisations using REST & SOAP

Client Feedback:

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