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  • Secure Custom Software and SaaS Product Development

    Design & develop your software from ground-up using best-class enterprise technologies

    We manage your software development, preserve your IP rights, guarantee data security plus provide expert advice/consultations.

  • Business IT services

    Managed and Ad-Hoc IT support services delivered as your business demands

  • E-Commerce solutions
    that deliver sales

    Leverage our expertise in B2C/B2B one stop e-commerce solutions across all marketing channels

  • Use AI to leverage the value of your data

    Your data + Our technology = Insights + Profits

  • Private Cloud Design & Development

    Everything from private cloud to Globally synchronised systems

Innovative digital solutions to drive your business forward.

Hello, Welcome.

We provide trusted technology solutions to a variety of industries worldwide. Our clients range from start-ups and entrepreneurs to established businesses & Government agencies. With over 18 years of worldwide experience in digital transformation and the knowledge acquired in developing systems for diverse industries, we are well equipped to deliver real-world solutions for demanding businesses.

Whether the goal is to develop new software, a custom B2B system, an eCommerce software solution, a technology stack for a start-up, or automate existing processes – our innovative solutions and adaptive strategies will provide the targeted results beyond expectations.

Reach your goals with GreyTeak

Call 03 8595 3835

Are you a startup?

We work as a tech incubator for startups and assist them with enterprise transformation and  technology enablement.
If you have an idea and want tech help to get it off the ground, contact us today for a confidential chat.


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