Business organizations often seek out software solutions to streamline their internal processes, increase business productivity, improve efficiency and manage cost control. The standard software solutions are unable to fulfil all the requirements, as they may not address the individual challenges of businesses.

This is where customised solutions are brought into play. At GreyTeak Custom software is tailor made for a particular business in order to effectively integrate and optimise the various aspects of the business.

GreyTeak is known for its expertise in designing and implementing total software solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management systems (SCM) and content management systems (CMS). The end result is the automation of the manual tasks and integration of the various processes within the business. An array of projects has been accomplished by the inhouse team to this effect.

Some of the digitised solutions include but are not limited to creating learning management systems (LMS), Online rosters, point of sale systems, online payment integration, accounting systems, document management systems and business intelligence software.

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Some of GreyTeak solutions for existing clients

  • Client & employee profile management

  • Employee roster & scheduling

  • Warehouse & stock management

  • Order management & fulfilment

  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking systems
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • Notification systems – automated sms and email
  • Shopping Cart Integration Solutions

  • Online payment Systems (ex: PayPal, eWay)
  • Online reporting & analytical dashboards

  • Appointments booking systems

  • Task scheduling & workload management

  • Cloud migrate solutions

  • Online calendar & scheduler

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What our clients say

GreyTeak Technologies
Rich and the team at Grey Teak have added exceptional value to our business through their dedicated approach and knowledge of all IT matters. They not only design and built the most reliable systems but their continued monitoring and transparent reporting has helped us expand our business exponentially. For every hurdle we faced in developing our software Grey Teak came up with a solution which is why many of my closest business partners are now working with Grey Teak.
Luke Pirrie

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