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So, you have a business idea that is unique and you want to build a software that can make your business a success?

Here’s how we can help…

Whether you have a brand new business idea or an existing business that needs a makeover, our team can help find the ideal technical solution for you.

We develop custom software applications to model your exact business requirements with the latest technology out there. By doing so, we solve problems that off-the-shelf software simply fail to achieve.

By automating your manual business activities, you will be saving both time and money across many aspects of your business. Because, using a software system that compliments your business models exactly, it will improve the coherence between your various business activities. This means no more paper-based note taking or having to send emails to clients manually. All requirements are seamlessly met with and taken care of by your ‘one’ software platform.

Developing a software can be a daunting experience. To answer just that dilemma, we have made our entire development process a transparent and customer involved activity. Not only our customers get to say what they exactly need, they also get to see what is being built every step of the way, from day one.

Whats more? At GreyTeak, we like a challenge. We like to take on projects with complicated requirements and deliver solutions that are simple, fit-for-purpose and most importantly easy to use.

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Some of GreyTeak solutions for existing clients

  • Client & employee profile management

  • Employee roster & scheduling

  • Warehouse & stock management

  • Order management & fulfilment

  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking systems
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • Notification systems – automated sms and email
  • Shopping Cart Integration Solutions

  • Online payment Systems (ex: PayPal, eWay)
  • Online reporting & analytical dashboards

  • Appointments booking systems

  • Task scheduling & workload management

  • Cloud migrate solutions

  • Online calendar & scheduler

Technology Stack We Specialise In:

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What our customers say

GreyTeak Technologies
Rich and the team at Grey Teak have added exceptional value to our business through their dedicated approach and knowledge of all IT matters. They not only design and built the most reliable systems but their continued monitoring and transparent reporting has helped us expand our business exponentially. For every hurdle we faced in developing our software Grey Teak came up with a solution which is why many of my closest business partners are now working with Grey Teak.
Luke Pirrie

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