What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

Business Process Improvement means taking actions to update or revamp existing business processes in a way that would increase efficiencies of an organisation. Even a small change in how you do a task can have some form of impact. A productive and targeted change however can account to huge benefits including time and money savings.

BPI using technology is how a business can improve their core activities by automating some aspects using technology. One way of achieving such improvement (using technology) is to introduce computer applications to automate existing activities to improve productivity.

The idea is to take an existing manual process, say weekly employee rostering currently been done using a spreadsheet, and identify the core activities and find areas where the best improvements can be made. The end solution for the above could be to develop a employee rostering and scheduling software where the admins can easily add/update weekly roster. The above improvement alone could have different levels of efficiency improvements for a business.

At GreyTeak we help businesses to explore and identify where improvements can be made and come up with productive solutions to improve the core of their business processes.

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Early adoption of technology within your organisation can help you define how you operate and grow your business to success.

With the right process improvement strategy, you can see continued success and development well in to the future.

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Our Approach

At GreyTeak, we help businesses take advantage of continual process development. We achieve this by proactively finding ways to improve various aspects of your business using technology.

In simple terms, we create practical solutions like delivering innovative custom software so that your business can enhance its workflow, and ultimately, improving the overall business growth. Our bespoke business process improvement plan fits perfectly with your aims and requirements moving forward.

These efforts may include cross linking multiple systems, reducing development costs, as well as saving the time and efforts of employees. This makes your business more effective and efficient, showing the power of having analytical business development strategies.

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What Our Customers Say

GreyTeak Technologies
Rich and the team at Grey Teak have added exceptional value to our business through their dedicated approach and knowledge of all IT matters. They not only design and built the most reliable systems but their continued monitoring and transparent reporting has helped us expand our business exponentially. For every hurdle we faced in developing our software Grey Teak came up with a solution which is why many of my closest business partners are now working with Grey Teak.
Luke Pirrie

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