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Cloud Migration Solutions

GreyTeak Cloud Solutions

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Migrating to the cloud is not an easy out of the box task. It involves careful planing and meticulous attention to detail specially when it comes to a distributed system.

Cloud migration could be from your in-house systems to cloud or converting an existing cloud system to another. Also it is important to understand the targeted cloud models during the planing stage so an optimum outcome can be achieved.

GreyTeak has years of expertise in helping clients worldwide move to Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services Cloud. We offer start-to-finish comprehensive solutions for all sizes of cloud migration project requirements.

Cloud Migration Options

There are many options when planing to move legacy or in-house applications to a public cloud.

  • Cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services primarily offer Public Cloud options which can be catered to facilitate a Hybrid Cloud solution with careful planing.
  • Cloud data security is one of the most important to address in any form of cloud migration planing. At GreyTeak we take data security as an extremely important aspect in any of our solutions.
  • Our educational database (soon to be added to this website) will provide a wealth of material which explains various terminology and concepts in plain English. Also we conduct “cloud discovery” sessions occasionally or on-demand. These session provide the necessary background for any high-level client stakeholders who are considering migrating to the cloud. Please see below for more information.

GreyTeak Cloud Migration Stratergy

At GreyTeak we utilise a 7-step cloud migration strategy. We follow this strategy for every cloud migration project. This allows us to provide a seamless and error-free migration process. We believe the success in any migration project is in its assessment and thorough planning.

Advantages of moving to Cloud

  1. Cloud is a pay-per-use model. Which means you only pay for what you use
  2. Cloud provides higher availability and better dependability
  3. You essentially LEASE resources from a cloud service provider so requires minimal capital expenditure
  4. Much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  5. Cloud is on-demand – you can lease from an ‘almost infinite’ resource pool as and when needed
  6. Comprehensive usage monitoring and metering tools
  7. Modularization and ability to setup Micro-Services comes straight out of the box
  8. Can ‘scale’ up or down on-demand with minimum cost (you only pay what you use – hourly)
  9. Supports ‘Hybrid’ on-cloud and on-premise mixed/connected use
  10. Clear abstraction of IT features and resources at most levels – for easy manageability and accountability
  11. Financial benefits over time

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