We are a professional software development company from Melbourne, Australia. Our aims have always been the same since the offset – to deliver a comprehensive software development solution that’s ethical.

Our services range from website development, custom software development to state of the art enterprise application systems engineering. This lets us offer a range of services that makes us a reliable, primary solution for business in the years to come.

We are local, reliable and affordable because our prices suit your budget. This means that we can scale up or down depending on your position, and your ambition. Therefore, our solutions are the right fit for your business requirements.

Our guarantee to you is that our outstanding and consistent support and the best technical solutions to drive your business a success.

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What Our Customers Say

GreyTeak Technologies
Rich and his team are responsive, knowledgeable, reliable and committed to the consistent delivery of high service levels and high professional standards.
Joe Wise, Managing Director, Ibiza Angels Group

Why GreyTeak Technologies

Our products and services differentiate us from the competition in our approach. This is thanks to the extensive personal touch, sophistication and affordability that we put in to our solutions.

Due to this, we receive clients from all over the world. Some have been with us for as long as fourteen years. Over that time, we have earned a reputation for delivering agile, top quality solutions – this results in happy customers who call us family.

We are confident in our capabilities to cater for our clients in our day-to-day operations. Always looking for new opportunities in the future, we like to push progressive solutions that genuinely tallies with where you want your business to reach.

Technology Stack We Specialise In:

We Understand

We understand that many people are apprehensive about software and bespoke development, so we endeavour to remove much of the stress that can come from being involved in development, and instead replace it with a solution that is easy to follow along with, believe in and trust to deliver the quality that you expected.

Our team provide custom technology solutions for a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs. This allows us to get into various industries and offer an intelligent, engaging alternative to narratives already being consumed.

By understanding industry needs as much as the specific business needs, we can make website development and software development plans that makes sense and actually provide tangible benefits in the long-term.

Our Team

Our team consists of business analysts and expert software engineers who understand your business goals and use latest technology to deliver results.

Together, we work as a single unit to provide the best balance possible of progressive business solutions and smart development plans. This allows for a progressive end-result that pushes your business forward for all of the right reasons. We’ll help you come across as more public-friendly, simpler to work with and more reliable than ever.

This comes from our hand-picked team of specialists, who we trust to deliver the ideal software development program for any client we work with.